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The buzz on Australian Pollinator Week 2016

Bee on Flower

Teddy Bear Bee (Amegilla bombiformis). Used with permission from Bee Business.

Over 75% of the world’s flowering plants rely on insects for pollination. It’s said about a third of human nutrition comes from bee pollination — that’s not even counting the thousands of wasps, flies, beetles, ants, moths and butterflies hard at work every day.

But all across the globe, pollinator species are in decline, with more and more species under threat of extinction, putting our economies, ecosystems and food security at risk. The good news is we can all pitch in to help our pollinators thrive.

We’re proud to support Australian Pollinator Week 2016, a nation-wide movement throughout 20 - 27 November 2016 to celebrate our important and unique insect pollinators during their busiest season. It’s a designated week when communities, businesses and organisations come together to raise awareness of pollinator species and support their needs.

Bee on Flower 1

Stingless and honey bees. Used with permission from Bee Business.

Our pollinator range

Pollinators love flowers. We can do our bit for global biodiversity by choosing native plants for our native bees.

We've compiled some information on plants we currently have available, you can view it here .

Bee on Flower 3

Bee on Flower 2