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Domus Nursery is proud to be Western Australia’s first grower and wholesale supplier of the Tucker Bush plants range.

We want to give home gardeners easier access to native edibles, along with clear, informative labelling about the plants they buy. Tucker Bush stock currently available to order is available in our online catalogue:

About Tucker Bush edibles

Tucker Bush is a range of edible native herbs, veggies, fruit trees and succulents, aimed at encouraging Aussie gardeners to grow and enjoy truly local food. From their site:

“By consuming species that suit our climate and soil, we help maintain the country’s biodiversity, and work towards a low-footprint, sustainable food supply.”

For more information, check out the detailed plant descriptions, care instructions and recipe ideas on the
Tucker Bush website.

About edible native plants

Bush food is a staple ingredient in Australian history, yet most of the edibles grown in backyards today were originally imported from overseas. Modern Aussies don’t normally often eat Lilly Pilly, Native Tamarind, or Lemon Aspen. Many have never even heard of a Bolwarra, a Midyim berry, or WA samphire. These are just a few of our country’s diverse bush tucker species found across the landscape.

Sadly, eating wild tucker isn’t as safe as it used to be. The impact of modern civilisation means you can’t tell if your bushfood has been contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, urban run-off or industrial pollution. Plus, there are now many restricted and protected areas where foraging is prohibited.

Growing bush tucker in your own backyard, however, is a different story. In a home garden, you can control most of the factors that determine whether a plant is safe to eat.

Old Man Saltbush Midyim Berries Midyim Plant