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Autumn Update

March 2023

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Autumn is a great time to get plants in the ground, it gives plants the best possible chance to establish over winter to survive summer by getting a solid root system established. Soils are warm, the days are mild and heat stress to newly planted plants is minimal.

It's also the time of year we have the biggest selection of native, ornamental and tropical plants available which helps you create an interesting, diverse pallet for your projects and clients.

Below we highlight our top picks for autumn, including a number of new releases that will be on the market this autumn. These should help add flare, interest and complexity to your designs.

Acacia Winter Flame

A hardy dwarf native, growing to 80cm high by 1m wide. Foliage is light green in colour with bright orange/copper tips on new growth. Once established, Winter Flame makes a beautiful soft mound within a landscape or garden. A drought tolerant plant once established. A good choice for areas that are known to be frost prone due to its robust nature and frost tolerance. Acacia cognata 'Winter Flame'Acacia Winter Flame

Adenanthos Coral Carpet

Sometimes called basket flower, this form of Adenanthos is low growing, compact and striking. A coastal native endemic to WA that loves our sandy soil and long hot summers; it's a winner in most Perth gardens. Foliage is serrated in appearance and is blushed red/orange when young fading to blue/green when mature. A great plant for adding contrast to areas requiring groundcover. Growing 1.5m wide and only 20cm high, it really is a ground hugger. Adenanthos cuneatus 'Coral Carpet'Adenanthos 'Coral Carpet'

Carex Dusky Fountain

Not a colour you often have available in your plant pallet; Dusky Fountain is cinnamon/brown in colour year-round. This makes it a great plant for adding a focal draw in the garden or as a plant to divide zones within soft scaping. It is fast growing, establishing in a year or two to a height of 60cm and a width to match. Heat and sun tolerant and a lover of free draining soil. Give these a go in your next design. Carex Dusky FountainCarex 'Dusky Fountain'

Correa Chefs Hat

A new release this year with only a limited quantity available. Correa Chefs Hat is a small to medium size shrub that loves a partly shaded position with either morning or afternoon sun. A lover of coastal areas, it requires free draining soil to perform well and some summer watering during prolonged dry spells. The real quirk of this plant is in its name, the calyx's of the flowers, which are lime green in colour, look a lot like a traditional chefs hat. Kids and adults young at heart will love this addition to the garden. Correa baeuerlenii Chef's HatCorrea 'Chef's Hat'

Echeveria Mexican Firecracker

A slow growing Echeveria that has deep green leaves covered in tiny white hairs. As it grows it spreads out with little pups offset to the sides of leaves that help create a dense mat which can suppress weeds and stabilise soils. During spring, tall flower spikes emerge with red and yellow flowers, which can be really striking. Birds and bees are drawn to these making it a great addition to wildlife friendly gardens. Whilst little summer watering is required, an occasional watering will keep these Echeveria looking their best. Echeveria Mexican Fire CrackersEcheveria 'Mexican Fire Crackers'

Eremophila Blue Horizon

Whilst not new to the Perth market, Blue Horizon is our pick over the ever popular staple Kalbarri Carpet. It remains a little more compact, it doesn't get as woody as others and has a slightly bluer hue to it. It is just as coastal and heat tolerant, being a lover of full sun and free draining soil. Blue Horizon adds contrast to planting year-round and will grow to 20cm high and 1m wide. Consider swapping out Kalbarri Carpet for Blue Horizon, you won't be disappointed. Eremophila glabra Blue HorizonEremophila 'Blue Horizon'

Westringia Shortcut

A new Westringia that has been added to our range for 2023. Shortcut is a compact, neat growing plant. It will grow to 1m tall when left to mature naturally but can be kept pruned as a small hedge. Flowers are pale mauve in colour and will appear on and off throughout the year. A coastal lover that needs free draining soil and a full sun to part shaded position. Drought tolerant once established but as with most natives, some summer watering during dry spells will keep them full and looking great. Shortcut has grey/green foliage that can be used to screen and make other plants in the garden pop. Westringia fruticosa 'Shortcut'Westringia 'Shortcut'

There are plenty of other lines in stock and many more growing on that will be ready this autumn and into winter. Enjoy the cooler days once they start to arrive and let's hope for some early rain to get moisture back into the soils to help kick start growth on young plants!

If you would like any further information on any of the plants listed above please visit our website or if you would like to purchase any of these please visit or contact your local Garden Centre or Hardware store. The above plants will be available Autumn 2023 pending supply and weather conditions.

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