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Why should we plant Banksia
for National Tree Day?

July 2017

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Banksia news photo

As Perth continues to grow, our iconic Banksia woodlands are disappearing, posing a huge threat to Western Australia's biodiversity and ecosystem.

With National Tree Day just around the corner (30 July), we've picked Banksia as our favourite for planting this year. Or, should we say favourites since there are over 70 different species of Banksia in WA alone, all in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes - from groundcovers to small shrubs and even towering trees - for every garden situation.

We have a fantastic range of Banksia available now, just in time for the planting season: Full Range of Banksia available at Domus Nursery

Native brilliance in our own backyards

As WA natives, Banksia are water-wise and naturally adapted to our sandy soils. Depending on what species you choose, you might expect flowers throughout most months of the year, making them perfect for attracting birds and pollinator insects to the backyard and surrounding area.

Banksia Black Cockatoo news photo

One very special Banksia-loving species is the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris), known as Ngoorlark and Weelark in the Noongar language. With more Banksia trees available for food, we hope to see the restoration of this and other threatened species, and a greater variety of native fauna bringing life to our suburban neighbourhoods.

Plant a Banksia for National Tree Day (30 July) Banksia news photo

Banksia seedlings and saplings can be planted at any time of year, but get the best head start in warmer soil temperatures. Choose an open, sunny spot and plant in well-draining soil (sandy Perth soils are OK!). Water your Banksia well for the first couple of weeks until the roots grow into their new environment. Once established, they'll withstand dry conditions and, being a coastal plant, a little salinity.

We recommend species like Banksia menziesii (Dwarf), Banksia prionotes 'Dwarf' and Banksia integrifolia 'Sentinel' for a native flowering hedge, but for a prolific supply of cut flowers for the home, go with the brilliant and beautiful Banksia ericifolia and Banksia hookeriana.

Banksia news photo

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