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Ficus coronata (TB Sandpaper Fig)

Sandpaper Fig

Plant Description

Sandpaper Fig, tree 6-10m

full sun
part shade
Height: 6m - 10m
Spread: 4m - 6m
Pot Sizes:
Habit: Medium Tree
Flowering Information:
Flowering Seasons:
Foliage Description: rough, hairy leaves
PBR/Agent: TB - Sandpaper Fig Information
Health Warning:

The Sandpaper Fig is a medium sized tree and is named after it's sandpaper like leaves. It is said to produce the best tasting Australia fig. Fruits grow to 2cm in diameter, ripening from January to June. Enjoy fresh after removing skin, dried or cooked in cakes, jellies, jams and sauces.

Plant in full sun/part shade with plenty of moisture and year-round warmth. Protect from frost when young. Position at least 5m from plumbing, pathways and structural foundations.

Tucker Bush Safety: Whether using our commercially grown Tucker Bush plants, or sourcing your own fruit & plant material from the wild caution should be exercised. Fruit and any edible plant material may require specific preparation to be safely eaten. Please read our plant labels and also consult the website for specific plant information.

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