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Spring News

October 2022

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Spring has sprung across Perth and the South West, the bush is in full bloom and gardens are coming alive. Spring is a great time to get into the garden, tackle long awaited projects and to get some plants in the damp soils before summer hits. Whether you are simply renovating a garden bed, putting in a new colour scheme for the year or looking at turning your verge into a native, robust oasis now is the time to do it. At Domus nursery we have a huge range of plants that fit every space in the garden, below we will outline some of our favourites that are available currently and how you can use them to add structure, colour, contrast and privacy to your garden or landscape.

As you may already be aware, there has been increased demand for plants over Autumn and Winter which has led to a general shortage of shrubs, in particular native shrubs. This has made our spring offering a little more restrictive than it would normally be but we do have stock of the below, for a limited time.

We would recommend phoning or checking our website for up to date stock availability. Spring Gardening Images

Abelia Kaleidoscope

A versatile plant that is great for adding year-round colour to the garden with the added benefit of seasonal colour in the form of flowers (in spring) and deeper tones through leaves (in winter). This shrub is a go to for landscapers, architects and gardeners, it can be grown in full sun, part shade (best) and full shade. Tolerant of coastal environments, free draining soils and heavy clay soils. Frost tolerant and drought tolerant once established. We recommend reticulation to keep plants looking their best, especially over long dry spells and heat waves. Abelia Kaleidoscope will grow to 70cm high by 90cm wide. Abelia KaleidoscopeAbelia Kaleidoscope

Anigozanthos - Kangaroo Paws

Tough, striking and colourful, Kangaroo Paws are great plants for landscaping, verges and low water use gardens. They are available in many forms and colours thanks to various Australian breeding programs. The most popular of these forms are the Bush Gems, these smaller growing, prolific flowering Kangaroo Paws are compact, tough and flower for almost 12 months of the year. There are many colours available, from pinks through to yellows, reds, oranges and many bi-colours. Our most popular variety is Bush Pearl which is a delicate pink, its flowers are long lasting and with a little care it will flower for 12 months of the year. If you are planting in reticulated garden beds, ensure that watering is done at ground level and in the early morning to ensure long term survival and improved plant health. Anigozanthos Kangaroo Paws Anigozanthos - Kangaroo Paws

Feijoa Sellowiana - Pineapple Feijoa

A favourite amongst New Zealanders for its soft, sweet, pineapple flavoured fruit. This plant is tough, drought tolerant and low maintenance. Dark green glossy leaves are held year-round with fresh growth appearing in Spring. Stunning red flowers are held in early spring with fruit maturing in late summer. We recommend this plant for hedging, it can be pruned into a dense hedge for privacy or as a wind break. It also grows well in a pot and can be grown and pruned to fit into orchards/fruiting gardens. Soil improvement is necessary to get the best from Feijoa, they like rich organic matter so adding a soil improver will help increase yields and plant health. Tolerant of coastal environments and also frost this plant is suitable for any garden in and around Perth and the South West of the state. Feijoa Sellowiana Pineapple FeijoaFeijoa Sellowiana - Pineapple Feijoa

Hemerocallis - Day Lilies

Popular for their bright, large flowers Day Lilies have been used in gardens and landscapes across Australia for decades. They are tolerant of poor soils and love a sunny to part shaded position in the garden. Our new range of improved day lilies include the following varieties, On and On, Stella Bella, Cranberry Baby and Stella Tangerine. These varieties hold more flowers and flower more prolifically over a longer period - generally Spring through to Summer and again in Late Autumn. We think they look best planted en masse for impact and also look great in pots on patios. The forms we grow are also evergreen, they don't die back to ground level but will tolerate a hard prune if they look untidy towards the end of summer. Feed with a slow release fertiliser twice a year, in Winter and Summer and water twice a week during prolonged dry spells. Hemerocallis - Day LiliesHemerocallis - Day Lilies

Leptospermum - Starry Night

An unusual Leptospermum for its dark, burgundy foliage and white star like flowers. It has a weeping habit and will grow to about 4m high by 3-5m wide. It can be kept pruned, making it good for hedging and topiary and likes a full sun to part shade position. Free draining soil is essential, frost tolerant and drought tolerant once established and a great plant for coastal gardens. A useful plant for adding contrast, structure and seasonal change to any garden, pot or landscape. We do grow a range of Leptospermum that come in various forms, colours and sizes, please enquire or check our website for our full list of Leptospermums . Leptospermum - Starry NightLeptospermum - Starry Night

Limonium perezii Blue - Sea Lavender

This plant's been around in gardens and landscapes for a while now, it is increasingly popular in coastal suburbs for its tolerance of heat and salinity. The flowers are pale mauve to blue in colour with a white centre, they make great additions to cut flower arrangements as once dry they are really long lasting. Plant in full sun to part shade and water well until established, they are drought tolerant once established but will look best if water is applied a couple of times a week. Feed twice a year with a slow release fertiliser, this is best applied in spring and autumn. Remove dead flower heads to encourage further flowering and to keep plants looking neat and tidy. Limonium perezii Blue - Sea LavenderLimonium perezii Blue - Sea Lavender

Nandina - Magical Lemon Lime

This stunning selection is unique in its foliage colour and appearance. Lime green foliage appears in Spring and Autumn fading to deep green over time. Tolerant of damp soils, fairly dry shade (once established) and morning sun. Nandina always perform best in improved soil, add clay and organic matter to coastal sands and just organic matter to clay. We think this plant presents best in pots, they can be moved out into full winter sun and moved under shade over summer. They fill a medium pot nicely, requiring no maintenance other than a twice-yearly feed with a slow release fertiliser. Nandina - Magical Lemon LimeNandina - Magical Lemon Lime

Vaccinium - Sunshine Blue

A blueberry cultivar that was bred in WA for WA conditions. It has a low chill requirement making it suitable for coastal areas. As with most blueberry plants, we recommend planting them in pots in an Azalea and Camellia potting mix or a premium potting mix. You will get the best results from your blueberry plants in a large pot that is kept in afternoon shade. Vaccinium 'Sunshine Blue' does not require another plant to set fruit, they are self-fertile. Feed twice a year with a granular feed and apply a liquid food during spring every 3-6 weeks until fruit has been harvested. Vaccinium - Sunshine BlueVaccinium - Sunshine Blue

Viburnum Tinus

A standout plant for hedging, robust, compact, hardy and dense. Growing 50cm - 1m a year in the right conditions, making a quick screen and dense hedge. In spring they are covered in masses of white flowers which are a bee magnet. Drought tolerant once established, they require watering in for a couple of summers and will benefit from a once or twice weekly watering during dry spells thereafter. Viburnum Tinus will grow to 5m or more but can be kept as low as 30cm if trimmed regularly. Great as a low maintenance hedge for landscaping, parks, gardens and verges. Viburnum TinusViburnum Tinus

If you would like any further information on any of the plants listed above please visit our website or if you would like to purchase any of these please visit or contact your local Garden Centre or Hardware store. The above plants will be available Spring 2022 pending supply and weather conditions.

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